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About company

    “Naftalan Pharm Group” company is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical enterprises. It works in the field of creation and production of new medical products. The main medical components of the company’s products are white deresined naftalan oil and naftalan alcohol.

Naftalan treatment with white naftalan in Moscow clinics

- Various kinds of modern diagnostics

- Detenor-therapy for restoration of a backbone

- Bioresonant therapy

- Reflexotherapy
- Naftalan hydromassage white baths (the general and sedentary)
    With Naft. Hydrocarbons (white)
    With Naft. Oil-pestilet
    With Naft obessmolenniy (white)

- All kinds of massage
- Treatment in a hydrochloric cave
- Manipulation

- Gynecology
- Treatment in fito-pantovoy a flank

- Physiotherapy and many other things..



ООО «Naftalan Pharm Group»                                                          

Moscow phone

e-mail: f@naftalangroup.ru

AZ 1014 mountains. Baku
street 28-may, 5, office 52.
Telephon: 8-10-99412-5983540 multichannel
Faxes: 8-10-99412-5983541
e-mail: f@naftalangroup.ru

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