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The name
Naftalan oil and its sorts
     Native Naftalan Oil - 1 kg
2000 rub.
     Refined Naftalan Oil - 1 kg
3000 rub.
     Deresined Naftalan Oil - 1 kg
     Naftalan oil-pestillet - 1 kg.
     Naphthenetic Carbohydrates of Naftalan Oil, Naftalan Alcohol - 1 kg
Naftalan products
      Naftalat napkins for physiotherapy and medical cosmetology
It is expected
      Naftalan-paraffin napkins for physiotherapy and medical cosmetology
It is expected
      Deresined Naftalan Oil
It is expected
      Rectal suppositories Prostatit-Naft
It is expected
      Rectal suppositories Hemor-Naft
It is expected
      Vaginal suppositories Gynoc-Naft
It is expected
      Psory-Naft ointment
It is expected
      Dermo-Naft ointment
It is expected
      Hemor-Naft ointment
It is expected
It is expected
It is expected
It is expected
Naftalan Medical Cosmetics
      Face care
It is expected
      Neck care
It is expected
      Hair care
It is expected
      Bust care
It is expected
      Body care
It is expected
      Hands care
It is expected
      Feet care
It is expected
      Nail care
It is expected
      Hygienic substances
It is expected

About company

    Naftalan Pharm Group company is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical enterprises. It works in the field of creation and production of new medical products. The main medical components of the companys products are white deresined naftalan oil and naftalan alcohol.

Naftalan treatment with white naftalan in Moscow clinics

- Various kinds of modern diagnostics

- Detenor-therapy for restoration of a backbone

- Bioresonant therapy

- Reflexotherapy
- Naftalan hydromassage white baths (the general and sedentary)
    With Naft. Hydrocarbons (white)
    With Naft. Oil-pestilet
    With Naft obessmolenniy (white)

- All kinds of massage
- Treatment in a hydrochloric cave
- Manipulation

- Gynecology
- Treatment in fito-pantovoy a flank

- Physiotherapy and many other things..



Naftalan Pharm Group                                                          

Moscow phone


AZ 1014 mountains. Baku
street 28-may, 5, office 52.
Telephon: 8-10-99412-5983540 multichannel
Faxes: 8-10-99412-5983541

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