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Refined Naftalan Oil

The quality of refined naftalan oil should correspond to 42-1957-82 pharmacopeia article. It is a thick, syrupy, black-colored liquid with greenish fluorescence, a peculiar smell and light acidic Ph. It can not blend with water. In certain proportions it can blend with glycerin, various oils, fat and wax (-, page 75). Its consistence is 0.918-0.958 (-, page 772).The primary boiling-point is not less that 160 C (-, page 769). Water content is not more than 0.5% (-, page 772). Refined naftalan oil was mostly used for medication production. They are yellow naftalan ointment, bismuth-tannin-zinc-naftalan ointment, salicylic-naftalan ointment, sulfur ointment on naftalan basis, tiolan ointment, boric-zinc-naftalan paste, zinc-naftalan paste, sulfur-zinc-naftalan paste, ichthyol-zinc-naftalan paste, naftalan-phytoncidal emulsion, medical resin and many others. In total more that 200 medications.

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About company

    Naftalan Pharm Group company is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical enterprises. It works in the field of creation and production of new medical products. The main medical components of the companys products are white deresined naftalan oil and naftalan alcohol.

Naftalan treatment with white naftalan in Moscow clinics

- Various kinds of modern diagnostics

- Detenor-therapy for restoration of a backbone

- Bioresonant therapy

- Reflexotherapy
- Naftalan hydromassage white baths (the general and sedentary)
    With Naft. Hydrocarbons (white)
    With Naft. Oil-pestilet
    With Naft obessmolenniy (white)

- All kinds of massage
- Treatment in a hydrochloric cave
- Manipulation

- Gynecology
- Treatment in fito-pantovoy a flank

- Physiotherapy and many other things..



Naftalan Pharm Group                                                          

Moscow phone


AZ 1014 mountains. Baku
street 28-may, 5, office 52.
Telephon: 8-10-99412-5983540 multichannel
Faxes: 8-10-99412-5983541

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